Hi! Channon Bailey, 1/2 of Making Family Count, here. 

This May, we're launching our brand new podcast for Making Family Count! It's going to be exciting as my wife will be taking the lead on that one. But it will be my third podcast for our own endeavors. 

Recently, I've had a handful of people ask me if I could help them with their own podcast. This was something I thought of doing a couple of years ago, but life and other ventures got in the way.

After much insistence, I came up with a plan!

Have you ever thought of having your own podcast?

Honestly, having a podcast sets you apart from many others. If you want to build your business, get the word out, fight for a cause, and/or become the authority on your subject, then having a podcast is one of the easiest and most effective ways to go! 

I know... because I did it.

Before we started printing for homeschoolers, I was known as The Addiction Crusher. I spent about 5 years helping men overcome addictions and then I opened it up to all. My podcast, The Addiction Crusher, charted all over the world (iTunes rankings): #85 USA, #71 Philippines, #8 Nigeria, #22 Lithuania, #108 Great Britain, #2 Spain, #11 Brazil, #98 Canada, #67 Australia, #45 New Zealand, and #13 Ukraine. It could have gone higher, but I felt led to move on from it come 2020. 

Podcasts ARE the big thing right now and are continuing to grow. Forbes recently stated that over 100M people listened to podcasts per month last year and that number is expected to grow to 125M+ by 2022.

When I began, I paid upwards of $5k to get started and up to $1k/month for assistance. These days, I know those numbers have increased more than double. If you look at the Top 20 companies who do podcasts for others, the average rate is $175 per episode.

That can add up! 

Podcasts aren't my only business, so I don't have to charge high amounts. 

This is what I created for family and friends, and what I offer to you:

Months from A-Z

Month 1: 

*Equipment setup
*Cover artwork
*Podcast music, intro/outro

*Concept, theme and layout

*Setup and launch

*4 episodes, edited and released

Month 2 & Month 3: 

*4 episodes per month, edited and released

Overall: Complete setup, recording teaching (you will be recording your episodes with yourself and/or guests), launch, how to attain reviews, how to grab those celebrity guests, and how to chart. 

Besides myself and other guests I knew, I had numerous "celebrity" guests I've followed for years on my own show. Impossible?! It was rather easy...

Here I was with 

Here with

And here with 

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