What do you print?

We typically print orders that are the standard curriculum size of 8.5 x 11". Anything outside of that and beyond, feel free to please contact us at connect@makingfamilycount.com for special orders :)

Please explain the paper weights.

Sure! 20lb - the most common paper out there; great for single-sided copies; especially black & white 24lb - thicker; perfect for double-sided copies; black & white and color copies 28lb - professional; recommended for double-sided color copies Cardstock - most durable and sturdy; mainly used for flash cards, games, and other repeatable activities

What finishing options are available?

You can choose from none, laminating, 3-hole punch, or spiral bound. Spiral bound has two options: long-edge or short-edge. Long-edge is having the binding on the longer edge of the paper. Short-edge is having the binding on the shorter edge of the paper.

Do you ship internationally?

We now do! When you go to our ORDER FORM please select USA or INTERNATIONAL. Average time for international orders is 6-10 days.

How do I receive my order?

We ship all mail out via USPS Priority Mail. It's calculated during checkout.

Other questions.

Please contact us at connect@makingfamilycount.com. If we have an issue or confusion with your order we will reach out to you before printing.

Please explain paper orientation.

Portrait: Prints taller than wider. Most papers and PDFs are laid out this way. The long edges are on the left and right. Landscape: Prints wider than taller. The long edges are on the top and bottom.

How do I submit a larger file?

Yes, now we accept files up to 100MB! If your file happens to be more? No problem! After you place your order, just send us an email at connect@makingfamilycount.com with your files :) We suggest sending them to us using WeTransfer. They are capable of handling extremely large files/zip files for FREE. Of course, if you run into any problems or confusion, we will help! Let us know!

What file formats can I upload?

Exciting! Our new order form accepts more than just PDFs! We can take any of the common formats such as jpg, png, and zip files! See for yourself upon ordering.

What is your turnaround time?

*Turnaround times are NOT guarantees.*

We keep our turnaround time listed on the main page as well as the ordering pages. Of course, with the recent surge in homeschooling, our times will vary. Turnaround time is from when we receive an order to the time it departs.