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Arts and Crafts in Homeschool

I know it's hard enough that you do just about everything else: math, science, reading, history, and a slew of other things. You're probably going, "Please don’t add another topic!" But hear me out! There is literally nothing more therapeutic than some arts and crafts time...

Yes, it's messy. There's always clean up. Yes, it does take bit of effort, but I think it's worth all of those things in the end. Why?

Creativity. Kids expressing themselves in art is important, and art is going to look different to every kid. My son will draw for hours and go through about 100 pieces of paper sometimes in a day. My daughter loves to paint, and my other son loves gluing things!

But if you ever watch a child when they are creating, it's pretty cool. You see the moment they make up their minds to what exactly they're making. Then they go for it! They are concentrated and totally immersed. They come running to show you. Then they run back to add more. Then they run back to show you again.

Sure, it might just look like a blob on a paper. In our case, it may be 50 googly eyes staring back at you, but they are proud! They see something totally unique that their little hands crafted. What a confidence builder for them.

Just think how we feel when we complete a project, and it's good. They probably feel the same, if not a little more. We are constantly telling kids they are "too little" or "when they are bigger." When they hold art supplies in their hands, they are in charge and masters of their work.

It doesn’t have to be organized art or even planned projects, but have supplies on hand so that they can create!

I’ve created a little art shopping list for you; just the basics to keep you stocked up! Grab it from The Vault.

You can download it on your phone so the next time you are out you can pick up the supplies. Also, don’t underestimate household objects, empty toilet paper/paper towel rolls, empty jars, lids, boxes from Amazon. Save a few of these things cause you won’t be disappointed in the creations that come from them!


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