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Mother Knows Best!

Updated: May 7, 2020

I know we are all probably singing the song from Tangled right about now but put a pin in it for a minute... I got to thinking about education, and just so we're totally clear, here is what I believe: -If your child responds and loves worksheets - do worksheets -If your child plays outside and loves nature - study nature -If your child likes a bit of structure mixed in with some play - do both -If your child builds robots and tinkers on mechanical things - build -If your child cares for all the animals they find - research animals -If your child designs clothes and figures out math through measurements - draw and design I think you can see where I'm going here. Every child is different. Every family rhythm is different. In this arena, there is no “wrong” educational style. You are the mother that has been with that sweet little child since the very beginning. Don’t let anyone tell you that their way is “the way” or this method is the “only method...” including me. Study your child, and don’t doubt yourself. You can do this. You are qualified and equipped to do so even if you don’t feel like it. Think of it this way. Say I take my daughter to the doctor. The doctor thinks she has an ear infection and says Amoxicillin is the best option. But I know for a fact that she’s allergic and her body does not respond well to it, but I don’t speak up because he’s the “authority.” Then I’m cheating/hurting my daughter. Instead, if I tell him that she’s allergic to Amoxicillin and we need to find an alternative antibiotic to help her, I’ve come to her aid. This is no different than the way a teacher or a method may tell you "this is the way," but you know for a fact your child struggles when you go those directions and you go along with it. Why wouldn't you? They are considered the “authority.” But doing this wouldn't be helping your child. Whether you have a PhD or a GED, you and only you are the authority on your children. You study them; you know them inside and out. You’ve been there for the first steps, first sickness, first words, first bike ride... you have everything you need! Find your child’s fit and ride with it. No excuses needed. You do what will spark learning in your child. After all, that is the point!


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