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"Hey! Hey! We're the Baileys!" 

Hi! Nicole here. There we are; all 6 of us! My husband, Channon, and I just celebrated 13 years of marriage and a new home with our spunky, fun, sassy, adventurous, fierce, loving, and amazing kids! (Currently ranging from 4-11.)

As we go from one decade to another, we wanted to combine our entrepreneurial spirits and make it count where it counts: family.

A big part of that is homeschooling.

I'm a homeschool kid myself, so I knew even before I held my first son that homeschool was in the cards for us. 

Homeschool to me is all about time and relationships with my favorite people - my family. It's my chance to sit, watch, and learn with each of my individual children and to become an "expert" on each of their personalities. I love our free roaming days, exploring adventures, and of course, Disney days! Homeschool is our big adventure, and we LOVE every second of it!

Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 11.06.46 AM.png

The fact that we get to make your homeschool adventure a reality with our services is a privilege for us to be a part of - where our hearts lie is in Making Family Count!

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