"Hey! Hey! We're the Baileys!" 

Hi! Nicole here. There we are; all 6 of us! My husband, Channon, and I just celebrated 11 years of marriage and a new home with our spunky, fun, sassy, adventurous, fierce, loving, and amazing kids! (Currently ranging from 2-8.)

As we go from one decade to another, we wanted to combine our entrepreneurial spirits and make it count where it counts: family.


A big part of that is homeschooling.

I'm a homeschool kid myself, so I knew even before I held my first son that homeschool was in the cards for us. 

Homeschool to me is all about time and relationships with my favorite people - my family. It's my chance to sit, watch, and learn with each of my individual children and to become an "expert" on each of their personalities. I love our free roaming days, exploring adventures, and of course, Disney days! Homeschool is our big adventure, and we LOVE every second of it!

The fact that we get to make your homeschool adventure a reality with our services is a privilege for us to be a part of - where our hearts lie is in Making Family Count!


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